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Regina Hona

Artist: Regina Hona

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Regina paints in oil, soft pastel mediums, pen & wash. Each medium brings its unique characteristics.

She credits her discipline due to her first few years in studying classical tonal realism. This allowed her to progress to the standard of painting people appreciate today. Her pastels and oils show a vigor and movement in brush strokes and application that add drama and texture to each painting.

Her work has been admired over Australia and her work has also been published in various Art Magazines and books.

She looks forward to her inaugural trip to the Emila-Romagna/Tuscan Hills of Italy. Her vision and direction will inspire the artist, with room to allow exploration and growth.

Workshops range from Beginners to Advanced, and participants should come prepared to challenge and extend themselves.

Regina is looking forward to a combination of painting, great food, new friends and painting in the most unforgetable locations. There are painting subjects for everyone – dramatic mountains, monasteries, dense groves filled with wildflowers, medieval fortresses, lively portraits of locals – and so much more!

“How wonderful it is to be an artist and to have the ability to show the beauty, drama, atmosphere and light in the subjects I love to paint.” – Regina Hona