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Reminiscing about the Bay of Poets

On Ev Hales Painting Workshop in May 2016, we began painting vibrant Venice but it is the Bay of Poets, near Cinque Terre, which holds a special place in our painters hearts.

When we arrived at Bay of Poets, the sun was shining, which lit up the colourful houses. The locals of this bay are fishermen by tradition and I took the opportunity to listen to their advice about seas being fine to ride the ferry to Cinque Terre. The day was warm and perfect to see the clinging cliff houses and the rugged coastline.

On Sunday, the town celebrated “communion” of the local children so families and friends were dressed in their finest clothes, while we painted under the shady trees of Lerici Harbour. Ev Hales commented how dramatic it would be to paint a storm hitting the rocks. The next day, she had her wish when the stormy winds swept through and went just as quickly. The views were in front of the hotel so everyone captured the raging sea in their artwork.

Like magic, the weather cleared for the next day at Tellaro, we had a great spot with the café shop opening their umbrellas and allowing us to use their tables. This village was wonderful to pain as it is just like the Cinque Terre, yet no tourists! It was lovely to paint and none of us wanted to leave.

We had another trip by ferry to Portovenere. Artists were in a tranquil, shady area with the historical vista in front of them and most important a good coffee shop next door. What more does one need?

The last day I conduct a ‘Mystery Tour’ and this time, it was a little town called Sarzana. I knew as soon as I brought them there, I would lose them shopping and browsing through the very large market.  After meeting back together at 11:00am for a coffee stop, we walked to the Duomo, then the castle and lunched together.

Too soon, time flew and we had to pack our bags to leave our lovely bay. Every day was an adventure and filled with laughter. Everyone thanked the cooks and waiters of our hotel for the quantity and variety of the menu. Their kindness and assistance was beyond expectation.

Ev and I are looking forward to future painting workshops in these areas, where everyday brings new opportunity and adventure. Click here to find out about our next tours.