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Paesano Tours designs tours for those who are captured by the breathtaking beauty of Italy – whether you are an artist (painter or photographer) or someone who prefers to explore the historical and cultural side of this incredible country – we help you experience the ‘real’ Italy.

This tour is a truly unique experience as it allows travellers to step back in time where life wasn’t ruled by traffic, heavy schedules or bustling crowds.

Our tours are flexible to allow artists to paint buildings, people and scenery that are off the typical tourist trail.

This tour adds another dimension to Italy… grazing hills, abandoned medieval buildings, being welcomed by the owner of the local trattoria. Non artists can also immerse themselves in this amazing area, as well as try the gastronomical delights, explore museums and galleries and communicate with the locals.

Paesano Tours aims to make the most of your trip. Couples and singles are most welcome. We only offer limited places to make the group more intimate and sociable.

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