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24 Sept – 8 Oct 2025: Painting Workshop with Antionette Blyth

Dates: 24 September – 8 October 2025

Length: 14 nights/15 days

Price: $6,700 AUD per person
1st Deposit of $700 due at time of booking

Your host – Antionette Blyth


Take an inspirational journey through the beautiful Venice and Bay of Poets (Cinque Terre) regions. An experience you won’t soon forget. Our tours cater for artists to paint buildings, people and scenery off the typical tourist trail. Many artists have visited ‘our Italy’ for the last 18 years, some have come again twice, even three times!

There are plenty of cultural experiences and activities for non-painters too.


Museums, markets, galleries and tasting local cuisine are just some of the activities that you will find on this tour. We will give you insight into the unknown areas, not generally found by the general public. If you are in no hurry, this tour also allows you time to relax and simply soak in the atmosphere (ideally with a glass of vino in hand!).


An excellent way to explore the countryside with like-minded people. You have the choice of being in a guided group or you have the ability to explore the area in your own time. We have varying activities suitable for novice or experienced walkers.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Venice

Arrival into Venice – Our accommodation is located close to Venice Bus terminal and St Lucia train station. It was a convent and its location is next to a quiet canal and has a lovely inner garden to enjoy. It is still owned by the nuns of St Joseph.
When you arrive on this day you can enter your rooms after
2 pm but you can leave your luggage in a secure area if you arrive early so you can go out to explore or rest in their garden.
Meet and greet in our meeting room at 4 pm. Afterwards If you wish to come with Janette, she will dine at 7 pm nearby at a local restaurant or you are free to explore Venice by the evening light.

Accommodation: Venice

Day 2: Bridges & Canals of Venice

Meeting in the meeting room every morning after breakfast with Antoinette and Janette who will tell you the history and the plan of the day.
There are quiet places to paint in the most beautiful city of the world. Janette will lead you to them and Antoinette will demo and guide your artistic creativity.
Near our accommodation, we will walk a short meander through the streets to paint views of canals, bridges and stately palazzos. We can lunch there at the local restaurant.
In the afternoon , we will visit another quiet location to capture the afternoon light and visit inside St Maria del Frari before returning to our accommodation.

(B) Accommodation: Venice

Day 3: Murano - Island of Glass

Today everyone will be given a three day ticket for the Vaporetto (ferry) for their personal use.
We will ferry to paint on Murano. This lovely island is filled with glass makers and shops. The painters will be settled to paint a quiet canal while the cultural lovers leave to explore with Janette.
The non-painters will return the group for lunch and everyone will have time to walk the main canal where lovely shops filled with amazing coloured glass will tempt the onlooker. Afternoon time to paint the panorama views of St Mark in the distance.
We will leave to arrive at St Marks Square approximately 5pm to have time to explore this historical area. before returning to our accommodation or you can go directly from Murano to our nearest ferry stop to our Hotel.

(B) Accommodation: Venice

Day 4: Centre of Venice - Rialto/The Grand Central

We ferry to the RIALTO to paint this beautiful ancient centre. Views of the Grand Canal, colourful boats and gondolas, The markets stalls filled with the vibrancy of Venice will embrace you while painting under the shade of the arches of the Market.
After lunch, we will travel to a new location by ferry where the painters will sit on the steps of St Maria delle Salute to paint the grand Canal with views of St Mark. The non-painters will have time venturing through the intricate laneways near the Accademia ( Art Gallery) with Janette.
In the evening the opportunity to take the ferry to experience the night lights of Venice with Janette. The grand canal is silent after the busyness of the day. The ferry will take you you to St Mark square which is filled with music, lights and few tourists.

(B) Accommodation: Venice

Day 5: Burano - Island of Lace

Travel again by ferry to find a delightful island where famous lace makers can be found. This island was a fishing village which still maintains its tradition of colourful houses which were used to distinguish the families who lived there.
After lunch time, you will have time to explore this colourful island and maybe find a special gift to bring home before we go to another painting opportunity.
For our non-painters, an opportunity to ferry and explore Torcello with Janette before returning to Burano to travel back.with the painters to our accommodation.

(B) Accommodation: Venice

Day 6: Sketching on your free day

Today there will be no formal teaching because is free time for you to explore Venice, this mysterious and beautiful city
This is the day to follow Antoinette or Janette if you wish as we explore the twisting lane way for some urban sketching.
Take the opportunity of finding a small café with views or wandering to discover unique shops to explore.
At the end of the day a show of your work at our accommodation’s garden before going to dinner at 7 pm.

(B)Accommodation: Venice

Day 7: Venice - Jewish Quarter/Magdalena Square

A short walk to the Magdalena square for views of small bridges, narrow canals and chimneys, which are unique only to Venice. This is a good place for a gondola ride and to walk and explore the many alley ways which will lead one to exciting venues.
Stroll to the old Ghetto area to paint. This interesting quiet area which has Jewish constructions and a large square with trees and canals, yet just a short walk and turn, you will be in the hustle and bustle of the shopping lane.
Time to prepare your luggage for departure in the morning.

(B)Accommodation: Venice

Day 8: Departure to the Bay of Poets

After breakfast, a porter will collect our luggage to take us to the train station were we will train to BOLOGNA where my private bus will collect us to bring us to the Bay of Poets. We will stop along the way for lunch.
The views on the way across Italy are beautiful and will
fill us with anticipation of our next destination.
After settling in our new hotel, we will have a short orientation of our new town and have time to take
La Passegata (the walk) before our delicious meal at our hotel. Bring your swimming gear if you want to go for a swim because there is a lovely beach opposite our hotel,

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 9: San Terenzo - Venere Assurra Bay View

Paint all day in one location under shady trees with views of the beautiful bay with its castle in the distance, boats and colourful buildings. This area during the centuries became an inspiration for many artists, poets and writers.
Many admirable constructions still remain from the past.
Non-painters can walk to the ancient castle and explore the area, with time to relax with Janette.
At sunset in our hotel or a nearby café will be the perfect way to close the day with a refreshing Aperitivo before enjoying our evening meal.

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 10: Vernazza - Cinque Terre

A lovely morning walk or bus to our ferry to explore the Cinque Terre by boat. Ticket is included. The beauty of the Cinque Terre (5 lands) is by sea.
We will ferry all the way to Monterosso and will have time to explore before returning to get the next ferry for Vernazza for our lunch break. The village was named “Vulnetia” by the Romans. The web of “arrugi” (narrow lanes) and steep stairways converges in the main square overlooking the sea. This is the centre of the village, which opens up to a large bay..
After lunch, we take the ferry to Riomaggiore, The towns of the Cinque Terre are settled along a charming road down to the “Marina”, you will find the typical coloured houses with their boat dock in the middle of their rocky bay. We will catching the last ferry to Portovenere then our boat to Lerici where we can stroll back or bus to our hotel.

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 11: Tellaro - Hidden Bay of Lerici

We will take the local bus up and over a mountain with breathtaking views of the sea and cliffs to TELLARO.
This secret bay (Italians do not tell the tourists!) you will discover a lovely quiet fishing village to paint located on the sea edge, with a small pebbled beach with boats and under pass ways and steps twisting around the clinging houses.
The church lighthouse is on the edge of a rocky formation facing the sea. So beautiful and quiet.
On our return by bus to Lerici, there will be time to stroll through the shops before returning to our hotel

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 12: Lerici - The Harbour

Today will be market day as we stroll through the stalls to our views.
It is a lovely stroll with breathtaking views or you can use the local bus to Lerici. I will provide the bus tickets for you. Above the port is the forbidding medieval Castello di Lerici, which dominates the holiday villas below.
The bay will be filled with boats and there is a secret carven which leads under the castle to open up to a secret sea cove.
Lunch at Leisure
Afterwards time to paint in the gardens of Lerici or the main square surrounded with their colourful boats, houses.and people at the alfresco cafés.
We can stroll back to our hotel or take the local bus. Tickets will be provided by Janette. Time to prepare your luggage for departure the next day.

(B&D)Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 13: Portovenere - Cinque Terre

A short stroll to our ferry. The ticket is included for our ferry from Lerici to Portovenere to paint all day in one location
Time to wander to explore this picturesque sea village established in Roman times. The village was built on a rocky crag overlooking the emerald sea and framed by three islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, The views will weave their spell on everyone.
From the cliff top castle, there are superb views of the Cinque Terre and island of Palmaria. Let yourself enjoy the fresh seafood and ice creams in one of the many restaurants located in the Quay.
For non painters, there is obtain opportunity to take a ferry to the Palmaria islands.

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 14: Sarzana - The Rebel Town

There are many locations which will temp you but today we will bus to the town of Sarzana. It has lovely buildings surrounded with a defence wall and within a fortified castle which protected the territory for Pisa. There are also beautiful shops to purchase something special.
We will take time to sample the coffee house filled with beautiful petit cakes before we settle to paint the views of the town or the castle.
In the afternoon we will catch the bus to return to our hotel where we will have time to rest or go for a stroll before showing our art works.

(B&D) Accommodation: Bay of Poets

Day 15: Departure

Departure by shared Taxi in the morning to LA SPEZIA TRAIN STATION in plenty of time to catch your train so that you can continue your journey.

Tour Inclusions

  • Includes:

    – Painting workshop and critiquing as per itinerary

    – 7 nights accommodation in Venice

    – 7 nights accommodation in Bay of Poets

    – Breakfast and Dinner in Bay of Poets

    – Continental Breakfast in Venice

    – Bi-lingual speaking tour guide (Italian/English)

    – Ferry transportation on specified days

    – Bus transportation on specified days

    – Train and bus transportation to Bay of Poets

    – Wifi at all hotels

    – Maps of the area

    Flights are not included and travellers are responsible for booking their flights. Once we have the required minimum numbers, we’ll reach out to you so you can then arrange your flights. Time permitting, we may visit other interesting places not mentioned in the itinerary.

    *Single supplement rate available for an extra $700AUD