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Antionette Blyth

Image of artist Antoinette Blyth painting.

Antoinette Blyth is an artist, tutor, and art judge, residing in Melbourne, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Education.

She has always drawn since childhood and values the skill of drawing highly. Her painting career began in oils and was drawn to the transparency and beauty of the many ways to paint with watercolour, hence her experience of over twenty years imparting the skills of watercolour painting to adults.

She is a past Vice President of AGRA, the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, a member of the Victorian Artists Society, Watercolour Society of Victoria,
Sherbrooke Art Society and Whitehorse Arts Association.

Antoinette has work represented around Australia, and overseas, and has won many awards and commendations for her watercolour painting, most recently the best Watercolour at the 2018 Sherbrooke Spring Exhibition.