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Call Of The Sea From Venice To The Bay Of Poets – Sept 2018 Tour

The weather was warm and perfect.

I never get tired of Venice but sometimes my feet do. I love when the gondola silently moves along the quiet canals as the motorized boats pass by. All water traffic has to move slowly through the canals so the water does not damage the palazzi. Venice by day was perfect but by night it is magic and as we all had a three-day ticket pass, we took the opportunity of riding the ferries to St Mark and back.

It is so quiet on the canals and all the buildings are alive with lights. We awoke one morning and it was foggy which mean that the ferries do not go to the islands only the very large ones leaving from St Mark and the plan of the day was Murano, so we travelled the long way but we did not miss the island of glass. We had the opportunity to see an Operetta where the singers are in 17 century costumes and masks, it was held in the 14th cloister covered with fine frescos.

On the free day some took the opportunity to bus to Cortina – a town surrounded by the Alps. Others took time in exploring and shopping in Venice.

It was fun to have a water taxi ride on departure day to the Bus island of Trocetta. This is where the private buses can collect their passengers. Our bus driver, Eugen was waiting for our journey to the other side of Italy.

The Bay of Poets cannot be described but has to be experienced. It is beautiful. The locals, the Ligurian enjoy a layback life style.

This is the place where you can enjoy the beach, do the passegatta, (the walk) before retiring to your residence for dinner. All our meals where enjoyed and Renato, the owner’s father who was 92, proudly demonstrated his skill in making the ravioli. He still makes all the pasta which we enjoyed at our meals.

Everyone managed the boats for the Cinque Terre and the views of the cliffs makes you wonder how they managed to live there. The buses for our short trips were fun to mix with the locals and feel for them when the bus arrive late. A drink at the end of the day with views in front of our hotel is more than anyone can wishes for.

Next year 2019, Craig Penny will be experiencing this region and I will enjoy making sure everyone has a great time.

This trip is full but I have planned Cathy Van Ee to come for 2020 and bookings can commence. Check out our Tours page for more information.