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Janette Garbuio

Understanding the needs of a painter, Janette envisioned Paesano Tours as a place artists could paint the beautiful surroundings undisturbed, while their friends or family were entertained by the never-ending delights of rural Italy.

She considers herself a traditional tonal impressionist, mixing the light of colour of the natural environment.

Janette is renowned for her fine pencil drawings and has won many awards due to her fine attention to detail on her artwork.  Her preference, when she is painting, is to work ‘plein air’ among the elements. She enjoys working with outdoor light, which forms a natural contrast of light and dark on the reflected subjects.

Janette has over 35 years experience in painting and is also affiliated with several art societies in the south eastern region of Melbourne Victoria.

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Over the years, Janette has completed commissioned artworks for various exhibitions in Italy and, in 2005, was invited to be part of an exhibition in Budrio-Bologna, Italy – “Dreams of the Immigrants – Arte senza confine”. Besides entering group exhibitions, having private sales and being sought after for commission work, Janette has been recognised through various commendations for her work in many mediums, including watercolour painting, oil painting, pencil drawings and pastels.

She is a member of Watercolour Arts Society of Victoria and has been a member of AGRA (Australian Guild of Realist Artists) for over 10 years.

Janette is married to her Italian sweetheart and has two adult children.