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Ev Hales

Artist: Ev Hales

Ev started as a print maker and trained to become a Secondary Art and Craft teacher after leaving secondary school.

She has taught in high schools, in the TAFE adult learning area, private classes and has conducted workshops for many societies and art groups in Australia and overseas.

Her teaching changed from an aim to “teach” to one of developing a “desire to learn and solve problems” as they arose.  By giving students a skill base and encouraging lateral ways of thinking to resolve issues, Ev found ways to relight the creative flame in her students, which accelerates the whole learning experience.

Besides teaching in schools, conventions and workshops,  she have travelled with artists, sharing her skills while discovering new parts of the world to explore.

Even though she has conducted workshops in other countries, the painting workshop planned for Italy will be a new adventure for E. She plans to discover this marvelous region and have the opportunity to fit into some of the communities.

Ev has worked in a wide variety of media and continues to return to watercolour,  which she believe is the only “ alive” medium.  It is capricious, with a mind of its own and it continues to challenge me.  As well as the constant challenges it surprises me and rewards diligent effort.

Painting outdoors has been a crucial part of her development as an artist and she believes nature is really the “best teacher of them all”.

Learning to really “see” is a rich source of inspiration that is outside the door.

And as Ev Hales states:

“As an artist I want to become so much ‘at one’ with my medium that the image is created effortlessly. I want my work to resonate of the world that I live in today, in the 21st century.  I want to leave a glimpse of what has touched my life.  This Italian trip will offer just another chapter in the adventure that my life is.”

Ev has won many prizes, but believes her best work is yet to come.

Ev is also in the process of writing a series of 10 ebooks – building a comprehensive collection of painting instruction in the ebook format. The first three ebooks in the series are now available on itunes, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Copia, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson – just to name a few. For more information, click here.