Option of traveling to Venice 2014 & 2016

After Ev Hales 2014 Tour and Regina Hona’s 2016 Tour, Janette will be traveling to Venice and staying for three days.

She prefers to travel by train (to see the countryside of Emilia-Romagna and through Veneto) and she chooses to stay in a Venetian monastery.

If you choose to come on our tour, you are then welcome to continue traveling with Janette at your own cost. If you would like to stay at other accommodation, then you are more than welcome to travel with Janette to Venice train station. Then you can make your way to your accommodation.

Janette is happy to suggest areas in Venice worth visiting, but will not be conducting any tours.

This is ideal for people traveling alone or who would like to visit Venice economically.

Please mention Venice to Marina or Janette, when are booking your place.

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Contact Information

For more information or to be a participant on one of our tours, contact Janette or Marina on:

Ph: (03) 9758 5985 or 0418 309 753

Email: info@paesanotours.com