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Inspirational Poetry

Behind the blue door

We love seeing the artwork of our painters come into fruition on the tours. However, we know our tours evoke more than just painting – our tours inspire creativity, expand perceptions and indulge in the environment.

Regarding our signature tours – Tuscan/Emilia-Romagna Painting Workshops, artist Norma Jarvis was inspired to write this poem and she has kindly allowed us to share it with you…


When I was Honorary Secretary at Barton Arts & Crafts
– the mail was mostly quite boring.
And gosh, one day this info it came
and told us about touring.

I took it around to the painters
and all but nobody thought they would go.
I thought it was great and if it wasn’t too late,
I’d take Alberto in tow.

I rang up Marina – though I’d never seen her
and asked if there was any room.
Well yes, she said, but it would be best
If you can book in quite soon!

Just and aside, I told Maureen and Burt
Good Lord, good grief was what they said
Please ask if we can come? We might squeeze them in Marina said
How would they like a single bed?

So all was fixed and we couldn’t wait
Got up at 3am so we wouldn’t be late
We met all you folks at the airport in time
to travel along to the best holiday of all time

And seriously now I want to say thank you Janette, Marina and all
We have had one super, wonderful ball!


Thank you so much Norma!! We were so touched by your beautiful, inspiring poem. This was Norma’s second trip with us on Paesano Tours.