10 places to eat and drink in inner-city Venice
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10 Nearby Eateries in the Heart of Venice

Listed below are 10 cafes, restaurants or eateries that surround our hotel in Venice. Each location varies in price, the hours in which they are open, and the selection of Italian cuisine they provide, but all are delicious and worth the visit during your spare time.

Yoghurt/Creperia Marie

Where: Calle Larga Ragusei
Opening hours: 9am-9pm
Price: $
Dining options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Take-out
Popular menu items: White chocolate & coconut or pesto & potatoes crepes
Distance from our accommodation: 3 minutes

Unknown to many tourists, Yogurteria creperia Marie is located in the crook of the striking Venetian calli. With less than 5 Euros you will be able to taste both sweet and savory items, to suit any time of the day. Providing quality ingredients such as yoghurt, fresh fruit, and locally sourced chocolate and cream, Yogurteria/Creperia Marie satisfies any craving for a sweet treat or a hearty lunch item, with quality ham, milk products and vegetables available daily.

Trattoria Agli Amici

Where: Sestiere Santa croce
Opening hours: Lunch, dinner, late
Price: $$
Dining options: After hours
Popular menu items: Risotto, Spaghetti al nero, pudding
Distance from our accommodation: 7 minutes

Trattoria Agli Amici (translation: Restaurant with Friends) is a small restaurant next to a public fountain, just across from the canal. They sell quality Italian pizza, coffee and assorted savoury items. Enjoy a quality Italian meal for lunch or dinner. Staff are friendly, speak English, and love to interact with their customers. Fairly sized meals range are around 15-20 Euros.

Majer Piazzale Roma

Where: Santa Croce
Opening hours: Breakfast/brunch
Price: $$
Dining options: Breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, snacks
Popular menu items: Coffee, ice-cream, pancakes
Distance from our accommodation: 7 minutes

Majer Piazzale Roma is one of many outlets found in Italy. With only 9 Euros you can purchase 2 slices of pizza. An excellent stop for tourists wishing to re-fuel while continuing their venture through the streets of Venice. Within a short walk from the hotel, Majer is the perfect way to sample local cuisine on-the-go.

Trattoria da Ivano

Where: Santa Croce
Opening hours: 6am-4pm
Price: $$
Dining options: Lunch, takes reservations, offers delivery
Popular menu items: Bruschetta, ravioli, meatballs, mussels, hazelnut buoni
Distance from our accommodation: 5 minutes

A lovely spot to eat with friends and family, with home style cooking and a family-oriented atmosphere, Trattoria da Ivano (translations: Ivanís Restaurant) is a wonderful rustic establishment. Providing tourists with excellent value for money, the restaurant offers eclectic cultural meals at affordable prices. We recommend you reserve a table, as Saturday nights especially can get quite busy.

Pizzeria Mangia e Fuggi

Where: Fondamenta Burchielle
Opening hours: Closed Tuesday nights, always open at lunch
Price: $$
Dining options: Takeaway
Popular menu items: Swiss benalmadena, risotto, pastas
Distance from our accommodation: 5 minutes

Pizza at any hour, just a five minute walk from where we are staying! Enjoy any kind of exquisite Italian pizza. Pizzeria Mangia e Fuggi (Translation: Pizzeria Eat & Go!) serves delicious pizza, delectable appetizers. A perfect choice if youíre on the run! Prices range from around 10 to 20 Euros.

Bar Suzie Cafe

Where: Fondamenta San Basilio, Dorsoduro
Opening hours: Closes late afternoon
Price: $$
Dining options: Lunch
Popular menu items: Soup, their selections of red wine, salads, tiramisu
Distance from our accommodation: 4 minutes

As you walk towards the Rio Dei Tolentini canal, you’ll find yourself outside of an Italian gem: Suzie Cafe. Almost hidden, this petite cafe is a great place to rest during your busy, fun-filled day. Some have called it, ‘Venice’s little treasure”. Suzie Cafe is perfect for those whom have had a long day walking. It’s a great rest stop when you feel like a light supper, some dessert, or a glass of beautiful Italian wine. Their cocktails have also said to be a customer favourite. Bar Suzie is a quaint little spot because of its charming wait service and somewhat quiet and secluded location.

Hostaria da Barbarigo

Where: Fondamenta Barbarigo, Dorsoduro
Opening hours: Closed on Sunday and Mondays
Price: $$$
Dining options: Reservations, after-hours
Popular menu items: Linguine, lasagna, and their daily ëcatch of the dayí
Distance from our accommodation: 5 minutes

Right on the corner of Corte Maggiore and Fondamenta Barbarigo, lies a typical Italian eatery away from tourist traffic. Enjoy their daily ëcatch of the dayí and quality linguine and lasagna. Hostaria provides you with a hearty Italian dinner, fit for hungry tourist groups such as yourselves. While more pricey, it is a great place to eat out on your last night in Venice, or when eating with a group.

Gelato Fantasy

Where: Calle dei Fabbri
Opening hours: 10am till midnight
Price: $
Dining options: After hours dessert
Popular menu items: Rum and raisin, dark chocolate fondant, dulce de leche or lemon & pistachio gelato
Distance from our accommodation: 27 minutes

In a street filled with numerous other Italian eateries and restaurant, lies Gelato Fantasy. An extremely popular Gelato bar, in which tourists flock to. Gelato Fantasy is a must, when visiting Venice, with every flavor imaginable. Quality, home-made, non-artificial gelato you must try, and brag about trying, to your family and friends. You can try three very large scoops of quality ice cream at an affordable price. Crepes are also available if you are after something more savoury. While it is a 27 minute walk away from our hotel, it’s a great place to venture out to when searching for the most perfect and picturesque painting landscapes and environments.


Where: Rio Terra Canal
Opening hours: 6:30 onwards
Price: $$$
Dining options: Reservations, after-hours
Popular menu items: Pork, red wine, seafood dishes
Distance from our accommodation: 8 minutes

Along the Rio Terra Canal you will discover L’Incontro (translation: The Meeting Place), a restaurant filled with class and a high standard of cuisine. Although Venetian cooking is not found here – it is a great place to try a Sardinian menu (if you aren’t planning to travel to the island of Sardinia!). Restaurant mains include pork and rabbit dishes. Satisfy your meat cravings by candlelight and and a silverware laid table. L’Incontro provides real, authentic, mouth-watering Italian food.

Caffe Rosso

Where: Campo Santa Margherita
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-4pm
Price: $
Dining options: Outside and inside seating
Popular menu items: Coffee, pastries, sandwiches
Distance from our accommodation: 10 minutes

Cafe Rosso is a historically classic Venetian Cafe. It dates back to the late nineteenth century. When visiting, you must observe the old-style coffee machine. The local love it, and so will you. Allow yourself a sweet treat with their freshly baked pastries and sandwiches. Their croissants melt in your mouth, and their bruschetta is delectable.

When touring with Paesano, you are more than welcome to join us as a group during meal times, but feel free to venture off and discover other delectable eateries yourselves!
$ = under 10 euros
$$ = 10-30 euros
$$$ = 30+ euros